The VNA P25 is a one-port Vector Network Analyser that provide stimulus levels up to 25 W. The analyser is based on our SVR-Module, so all SVR-documentation also fit to VNA P25. We allways use the advantages of Open-Source Software, like adaptability. We do not follow closed source software concepts.


Key parameters are:

  • frequency range 2-2.5 GHz
  • power 0-25 Watt
  • integrated amplifier and coupler
  • USB connectivity
  • free programmable through Open Source GUI (Linux/Windows)
  • Firmware highly adaptable through Open-Source approach (C-language)
  • Scilab-Interface
  • State-of-the-art calibration routine
Flyer - VNA P25.pdf
PDF-Dokument [648.3 KB]
VNA P25 with 11"- Laptop (Win7)

Typical accessories are:

  • Calibration Kit containing Open, Short and Load
  • Powermeter for referencing absolute level
  • Laptop for convenient data access and control
typical application