Welcome to an other Webside about electronic stuff.

This side has started as an enterprise representation, but the hardware business ist hard and the focus of our society lies on something else. Now this page turned in more a storage place for done projects, private as well es business electronic projects. Have fun.


  • 2017: It is time for a long business break ;-), let's make non-profit stuff
  • 15-16.4.2015: Exhibitor at the Hannover Trade Fair, but 2014 was much better.
  • 16.1.2015: Engineering update 3~ generator/analyser: MPA F160
  • 8.5.2014: Phasor Instruments turned one year old :-)
  • 7.-11.4.2014: Hannover Trade Fair with high quality of visitors
  • 7.4.2014: Annoucement of our Multi Purpose Analyser F160
  • 5.12.2013: Calibration Description here
  • 5.11.2013: Exhibition Appearence at EMV Seminar Magdeburg
  • 7.10.2013: Online GUI Introduction
  • 5.9.2013: new: VNA P25 
  • 23.8.2013: SVR available