Welcome to Phasor Instruments

Phasor Instruments is a spin-off of the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut in Berlin and provides sophisticated hardware in the field of vector network analysis. All measurement devices from Phasor Instruments use Open Source Software and therefore provide all benefits that open source is famous for. No software option limits our product line. More flexibility cannot be achived. You'll get a very well-engineed software for free and have the opportunity to change it.


  • 15-16.4.2015: Exhibitor at the Hannover Trade Fair, but 2014 was much better.
  • 16.1.2015: Engineering update 3~ generator/analyser: MPA F160
  • 8.5.2014: Phasor Instruments turned one year old :-)
  • 7.-11.4.2014: Hannover Trade Fair with high quality of visitors
  • 7.4.2014: Annoucement of our Multi Purpose Analyser F160
  • 5.12.2013: Calibration Description here
  • 5.11.2013: Exhibition Appearence at EMV Seminar Magdeburg
  • 7.10.2013: Online GUI Introduction
  • 5.9.2013: new: VNA P25 
  • 23.8.2013: SVR available

Synthesizer Vector Receiver


The SVR is a microwave Synthesizer with two integrated Vector Receivers with the intended use in network analysis application. It is more than an Open Source - based Frequency Response Analyzer, it also represents the first product of Phasor Instruments.

Vector Network Analyser P25


The VNA P25 is a one-port vector network analyzer based on our SVR module and provides following key features:

- VNA as USB device

- frequency range 2-2.5 GHz (2.3-2.7 GHz also available)

- stimulus power up to 25 W

- customizable frequency and power control loop

Vector network analysis at a microwave level of 200 Watt (53 dBm)? Yes, we can!

One-port VNA with up to 200 W microwave power and of course |gamma|=1 tolerant.

- upto 200 W within 2.4-2.5 GHz 

- >100 W within 2.3-2.6 GHz

First tests with 200 Watt amplifier module (Heuermann HF-Technik) and Phasor Instruments SVR were successful without any problems at FH Aachen. If you are interested in, please let me know...

(Screenshot: just a bit below maximum power level)


In 2013 this enterprise was supported by the german government and the european union. After this funding phase, Phasor Instruments didn't need further external financial support and still doesn't need it today. We are stable and we are proud of.